provost [prō′vōst΄, präv′əst; ] esp. in military use [ prō′vō΄]
[ME < OE profost & OFr provost, both < ML propositus, for L praepositus, chief, prefect, orig. pp. of praeponere, to set before, place first < prae-, before + ponere, to place: see PRE- & POSITION]
1. a superintendent; official in charge
2. the chief magistrate of a Scottish burgh
3. Obs. a jailer
4. Eccles. the head of a cathedral chapter or principal church
5. Educ.
a) the head of any of certain colleges in the British Isles
b) in certain American universities, an administrative official dealing chiefly with faculty, curriculum, etc.

English World dictionary. . 2014.